Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Tale of the Taylor Vehicles

That's Brutus.  The newest addition to our family :)  Car number 6 in our marriage of 2 1/2 years... ha ha ha hopefully we don't have to purchase another one for a looong while!

We started with George.  A 1994 Mazda Protege, manual transmission... so, right when I got married, I had the stress of learning to drive stick shift!  Hahaha.  A couple months later, I did this to him...

Sorry George :(

 But then we bought Billy and Bonnie!  Bonnie was a 1995 Honda Accord and she was very good to us!  And Billy was a 1994 Ford F150.  He was not quite so good to us.

So, 5 months after purchasing Billy, we saw the err in our ways, and sold him for $1000.  Yeah that's right.  Only 3 zeros there.  Bahaha.  But we bought Dundie!!!!  I am gonna miss Dundie the very most so far.  He is a 1995 Nissan pickup truck.  Tiny.  But awesome :)

Then we decided, since both of our vehicles were 15 years old, it was time to buy something that would be more reliable for us.  That we would feel comfortable driving long distances in, and would just be reliable and safe.  So we sold Bonnie and bought this beauty!

Louetta.  A 2005 Honda Accord.  Graphite Pearl is her listed color :)  Hahaha.  We bought her in December 2010, and paid her off last month!  Boo yah!  And we made it a whole year without buying another car.

But, in planning for our future, we realized that Dundie is not going to last much longer.  And while we both have a steady income in Logan, we have no guarantees of much income at all when we move for Physical Therapy School in a couple of years.  And, Dundie is only a two-seater.  No one else will fit in the car.  So, in planning for future financial stickyness, and future additions to our family, we decided it was time to buy something that will be more reliable and carry more people.

So we said a fond goodbye to Dundie.  And last night, we bought Brutus.  A 2001 Dodge Ram.  He is beautiful.

Hopefully this ends the tale of the Taylor vehicles for a while, as we plan on taking very good care of Louetta and Brutus, and keeping them for a long long time.

The End :)