Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hermana Taylor!

Day 23:  The last thing that made you cry.

I'll be honest, I cried a little writing Brock's sister, Heather, on her mission today.  I miss that girl so much!  She is one of our best friends and the three of us were just always together before she left and I love her to pieces!!!  She is going to Arcadia, California, Spanish Speaking.  And she will be amazing!

Love you Hermana Taylor!!!

Jack. The Beagle.

Day 22:  Talk about the cuteness of your pet.....?

Well, we don't have a pet.  However, the Taylors have a dog named Jack.  And he can be considered Brock's pet, because he kinda grew up with him.  He is an awesome dog.  He is a beagle, and we love him to pieces.  He is super hyper, and always wants your food.  So whenever you are in the kitchen, he'll follow you around wagging his tail!  But if you give him some, then he'll never leave you alone for the rest of your days!  Haha he's cute though.  I will tell you a story of one of my first experiences with Jack.

We were staying with the Taylors, hangin out downstairs.  Suddenly, Jack comes downstairs....  He was supposed to already be downstairs....  uh oh.  So we went up to the bedroom we were staying in, and I had left the door open (apparently that's a mistake!).  My backpack, which had been zipped shut, mind you, was open, and I had one of those candy santa tubes with reeses chocolates inside it.  I hadn't even opened it yet.  But Jack opened my backpack, took out my candy, ate every single reeses cup, left the wrappers everywhere, and peed on the bed.  Hahahaha....  it was interesting.  Lesson learned, don't leave the doors open when you're not in the rooms.  Oh man.  Talented, sneaky dog.  But we love him :)  Sadly, I don't have a picture of him.  But here's a picture of a beagle, in case you don't know what a beagle looks like.

Yup, that's about what Jack looks like!  (Photo found on google).  He is crazy, but he's a super loyal dog and so cute.  One day, I want a beagle.  And then I really can talk about the cuteness of my own pet :)  Woot!

Battle Wounds!

Day 21:  Explain how you got your scars.

Well, I have a scar on my foot.  Its name is Oscar.  It came from a surgery I had on my foot.  And the day after the Doctor took my stitches out, it opened up again.  So it healed as an open wound.  And now I have a giant circle scar on my foot.  It's actually pretty cool!  And shiny (you know how scars are sometimes shiny when they're deep).  Haha, I am proud of my battle wound.

Brock has a cool scar on his head.  When he was in Nicaragua, he was messing around with some other missionary, who accidentally pushed Brock backward into the corner of the church.  He cracked his head wide open!  It was gushing blood, but Brock wasn't about to go to the hospital in that city because it was, well, not the greatest.  So he applied pressure with a towel until the bleeding stopped.  It was a thick deep wound.  Then, he bought some SUPER GLUE.  And he held his head shut and made his companion cover it with super glue!  And it held!  Whoa!  Haha so his scar has a way cooler story than mine.  I can only see it when I'm cutting his hair, but it's pretty cool :-)

There's our scar stories! :-)

My Regret.

Well I have slacked off on my 30 days of randomness...  As it has definitely been like a hundred days or something since I started them!  So here's a few more! 

Day 20 is a regret you have.  My regret is....

Ever taking a single bite of those blasted delicious, addicting garden salsa sun chips!!!  Seriously, so good.  And totally my weakness.  I will eat half the bag in one sitting if you give them to me.  Terrible :-)